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User Intregation Between WordPress & bbPress not work

  • spyparkreborn


    hi all …

    i use plugin synchronize bbPress registrations with WordPress but it doesn’t work. I create new user bbPress but in WordPress that user doesn’t have any role. Someone tell me what i miss ???

    and when i login to bbPress use user registered in wordpress (spypark.reborn), i got report Log In Failed and user name automatically change to spyparkreborn. Another word bbPress integration not work well or i miss something.. i don’t know ????

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  • If Login failed, then you’re not giving the right details to log in.

    If the name automatically changes to spyparkreborn, then that’s your browser.

    Are bb and wp sharing a database? Is the database info in bbpress’ config.php the same as that in wp’s wp-config.php?

    I have more or less the same problem. My forum is only accessible to WordPress users of the blog the forum is linked to. They cannot register themselves. Therefore registration is not possible on the forum either. All user names consist of two words. When I, or another user, is logged in in WP and then switches to the forum, he or she has to login again. When user name and password are filled in correctly and the login button is clicked, the user is redirected to a page where it says that the login failed and that he or she has to try again. But this time the space between the words of which the username consists is deleted (‘tester twee’ becomes ‘testertwee’). Logging in with the newly formed username doesn’t work either, of course. Logging in with a username that is made up of one word is no problem (for example ‘admin’).

    This problem didn’t exist in the previous version of BBpress and it doesn’t have anything to do with the browser either since I tested this with Firefox as well as with IE. I also tried deactivating all plugins, but wasn’t the solution either.

    I hope there is anyone who can help me fix this, because it’s really annoying. I was so glad I finally found a rather simple forum that could be integrated with WP.

    BTW: WP and BBpress are using the same database.



    All these problem are both cookie path

    and forbidden character problems.

    Both are poorly documented (or not mentioned at all)

    but the good news is that fixes exist for both issues.

    I have to find my previous instructions on this but

    because bbpress search is so poor, this may take awhile.

    Could someone please get this into a wiki or faq at some point:

    Steps required for more complete and problem-free bbPress+WordPress integration:

    1. cookies paths need to be changed to the same path in both WordPress and bbPress (change to domain root recommended)

    2. the integration plugin should be installed

    3. the allow spaces in usernames plugin should be installed (also add my underscore hack for characters bbPress by default forbids but WordPress allows – see my message later in same thread)

    4. add the ” set default role when registering new user though forum” mini plugin should be installed:

    5. search your bbpress templates and force all registrations/logins through wordpress from the several places they are buried on the forum (the WP login interfaces are far more developed) – unfortunately at least one bbPress login location is hard coded in the core which will require a direct hack everytime you upgrade. ie:

    <?php $request_uri=$GLOBALS["HTTP_SERVER_VARS"]["REQUEST_URI"]; ?>
    <a href="/wordpress/wp-login.php?redirect_to=<?php echo $request_uri; ?>"><?php _e('Login'); ?></a>
    <a href="/wordpress/wp-register.php?redirect_to=<?php echo $request_uri; ?>"><?php _e('Register'); ?></a>

    6. optional but highly recommended, install the “use display name” plugin for mods+admin:

    Thank you so much! Also for the quick response.

    I already had the integration plugin installed. The only thing I needed to do was to install the allo spaces in usernames plugin. Now I can skip between blog and forum without any problems and without having to login again if I am already at one or the other.

    BTW: the cookie control plugin you reffered to in step 1 is no longer available for download at the site you referred to. But from what I understand from this article it is not necessary anymore.



    Unless you are editing wp-config.php directly, you do need to adjust the wordpress cookies somehow. Otherwise they point at the wordpress directory and not the web root.

    There is a typo in his plugin url, this is the correct url:

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