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User info for bbPress Search Widget plugin updated to v2.0.0

  • Important Upgrade Notice: Version 2.0.0 only for bbPress 2.3 or higher!

    Download the plugin from here:

    Version 2.0.0 of this plugin was released recently, and it has the requirement of bbPress 2.3 or higher in order to work! That’s because bbPress 2.3+ comes with built-in search functionality.

    My plugin now builds on top of that and this brings the end to theme & template issues for the search results, finally!
    The plugin’s widget is now like an extended version of the regular search widget – you get up to 13 options for the widget and/ or search form – which are really cool, not only for support forums :)

    Also, now there’s an additional SHORTCODE with a bbPress search form! You can add this Shortcode anywhere Shortcodes are supported. See FAQ for parameters and usage examples.

    Further, a new feature I am really, really proud of, is a new Widgetized Content Area for “Not found” forum search results. This means you are not shown this lame & tiny “Oh bother…” message any longer but can customize this whole page via widgets! How cool is that? — This is optional! If this additional widget area has active widgets placed in it then it shows them on the frontend, if the area is empty, bbPress default behavior is displayd.

    I hope you like the refactoring and the new features.

    If you didn’t upgraded yet to bbPress 2.3+ you really should consider it’s worth it!

    Thank you all users for using my plugin, for testing it, for all feedback! You guys rock!
    –Dave :)

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