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User ID bug

  • Problem with inserting users.

    Now, I am having a problem where my last insert id on the bb_users table is 10,000,000,430 and the user registration is broken.

    So I have looked at the code in bb-includes/registration-functions.php

    and I’ve found that this line in the bb_send_pass() function is causing trouble:

    $user = (int) $user;

    After this line $user is set to zero, where it was 10,000,000,430 before.

    After examining further, I found numerous places where you had $user = (int) $user;

    It seems like PHP cannot handle the type cast of 10,000,000,430…

    Btw… I do not know why the last_insert_id is 10,000,000,430, seems like something done by the previous website owner. However, looking at the bb_users.ID column it looks like it is BIGINT by default – which is too large for php integers which is only 32 bit signed…

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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