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User-Groups Restricted Forum Access for certain groups

  • thefairystamp


    I can’t belive, that this is acutally no out of the box function for bbpress / wordpress – but I have really big issues, with having certain forums or topic just accessable for certrain user groups.

    It seems impossible, to create something, like user-groups, only roles can be done – thats okay. But Even with the Members Plugin, where I can create certain roles, it is absolutely impossible to specify, which user-role has access to a forum or topic.

    Ex.: I created a user Role, then I created a forum, and I set the User-Role I created to be the only User role, that should have acccess to it. If I set the visibility to public, everyone could see it, If I set it to private, only logged in users could see it – everyone.

    Isn’t there ANY way, to let my customer

    • create User Groups (or roles)
    • apply them to users
    • and specify at each forum OR Topic, which user role should have access

    We really need this! I know that this is possible with BuddyPress, but with my years of WordPress Experience, I have still no clue how to make a hole BuddyPress Site – there is no satisfying documentation about it. (as well as with bbpres.. btw..)

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  • thefairystamp


    Isn’t there anyone who knows how to solve this? I have to use the woltlab burning board instead, if I cant find an answer for this.



    Is it really not possible?! I can’t belive it!



    I too need this functionality, I hope to use the forum for client management. Each client will have it’s own forum where they can discuss changes to software and issues.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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