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User and group access

  • smithwib


    Thanks to all bbPress team members for creating a fantastic system. It’s a great tool.

    The one thing that I needed for a recent project was a way of controlling user and group access to specific forums. Not finding a solution that was simple to deploy in these plugins or forums, I wrote one.

    What I would love is to hand it off to someone who is willing to review it, polish it, publish it, and support it.

    The methodology is pretty simple. When adding/editing forums, it allows you to choose one or more users who have access, and it controls whether they see it or not by piggybacking on the “post__not_in” and “post_parent__not_in” settings in WP Query.

    If you have the very awesome User Groups plugin by Katz Web Services installed, then as a bonus it will detect that and also show an option to choose one or more groups to grant access to.

    To-do includes:
    – Verify the methodology
    – Add filters + actions
    – I18N

    Post a reply and I can email it to you.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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