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use old theme with 2.2?

  • robortsmith



    i had a bbpress install 1.0.3

    it was a long time ago i did this so please bear with me!

    i thought this was installed without wordpress.

    i want to srub the contents of this forum as its full of spam and set up a new one with the same custom theme.

    am i right in thinking you have to have a wordpress install now to run bbpress?

    assuming so i have installed wordpress and bbpress plug in. would prefer not to have wordpress if you dont need it?

    Is it now possible to move my old custom theme from bbpress over and use that or do I have to start from scratch? if so how?


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  • Shane Gowland


    bbPress is now a plugin for WordPress. That means that it doesn’t run without an install of WordPress.

    As for the design; that’s entirely up to you. You can go with the default bbPress styles, use a WordPress theme that overrides them or apply your own CSS and make the forums totally original. I recommend having a good read of the bbPress 2.0+ documentation.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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