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URGENT WPMU Intergration — BBPress Changing user roles in WPMU

  • So, this seems to be a bbpress action (but I’ll also try at wpmu):

    I’ve integrated the user db and cookies only. Works pretty good.

    HOWEVER – every time someone posts in bbpress, their user role on my WPMU site changes. I currently have all users set to “–no role for this blog–” for the main (#1) blog on MU. When someone posts in bbpress, that role gets changed to “subscriber” or “contributor” or anything else, almost at random.

    Can someone at least direct me to where in the bbpress files this call to the database is happening, and maybe I can work on fixing this myself?

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  • More information:

    Actually, all a user has to do is log in to bbpress, and it changes their role at WPMU from “–no role for this blog–” to “subscriber.”


    What versions of bbPress and WordPress MU are you using?

    Sorry – good point:

    Wpmu 2.8.1

    bbpress 1.0.1

    So… I’m thinking the secret lies somewhere here:

    bb-includes/ Lines 171+:

    if ( count( $wordpress_roles_new ) ) {
    bb_update_usermeta( $user, $wordpress_table_prefix . 'capabilities', $wordpress_roles_new );
    bb_update_usermeta( $user, $wordpress_table_prefix . 'user_level', max( $wordpress_userlevels_new ) );

    Can I just change the 3rd argument to keep it null?

    Of course, there is also the next few lines dealing with: function bb_apply_wp_role_map_to_orphans()

    In short — how can I prevent bbpress from messing with my WPMU settings ever!? And I mean – never ever! If I want to change the MU settings, I’ll do it in MU.

    Bad bbpress! No! Bad program. Go to your room. ;)

    Even when a new user registers in BBpress – let em be orphaned in MU… whats the harm?

    (Stop… think… how will the affect cookies… if a user goes to MU, and there is no setting for them, but they have a shared cookie saying they are logged in, MU will FREAK OUT!… So, something needs to change on MU’s end to say: if this happens, (cookie says logged in, but no role for you!) no biggie, stay cool, just pretend the user is not logged in…. Oooooh…. am I on to something?)



    Did you figure anything out for this Driftless1? I’m having the same problem in bP 2.0 (plugin) and WP 3.3.1. Every time someone posts in bbPRess, they get changed to a Forum Participant, including admins, which then removes those admins from the Authors list on blog Posts. Very annoying.

    Thanks for anything.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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