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URGENT – Serious problems with WordPress after failed attempt at BBPress install

  • I apologise in advance if I come across as a newb – in a lot of ways, I am!!

    This morning I tried to install (and integrate) BBpress at, which is running WordPress 2.9. The WordPress side of things was working perfectly until this, so I am lead to believe that BBPress is the most obvious culprit of my problems now, but I have also posted an urgent HELP to the good people on the WordPress forum.

    Anyway, long story fairly short, I went through the BBPress install / integration following the instructions at I got to the end of it, tried it out, and it didn’t work. I figured I have missed something, so instead of going back over it step by step I deleted BBPress from the server, updated the cookies on WP using the wp.config file, and reset the cache in my browser.

    Here’s where the panic sets in – suddenly, I couldn’t view any of the PUBLIC pages and posts in wordpress (including the home page!) unless I was logged in, either as Admin or another user. EVERY page and post results in a 404. To add insult to injury, I now can not delete or change the status of ANY post or page (I.e from public – private), although I can edit the content.

    I have been through the WP forums with a fine comb, tried deleting the WP .htaccess file, resetting permalinks to Default, deactivated all my plugins and reset the AUTH keys in wpconfig a half dozen times, nothing is working.

    The only thing I can think of is that something very screwy is going on with the DB, but not knowing enough about it I am really hesitant to start playing with it any more. I understand this really needs to be fixed within WP, but I thought since this only started after my attempt to install BB SOMEONE here might have an idea of even something else I could TRY. I am at a loss, and this is a client’s live website!!


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