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Upload Avatar via edit profile section

  • marques_uk1


    Hi everyone,

    I have recently installed BBPress plugin on my website, which I use with WordPress.

    I’ve been searching for a solution to allow my members to be able to upload their own avatars via the user edit section on BBPress.

    At the moment the defualt WordPress avatar is used which looks rather boring. I have found two plugins that have been built for this purpose however I can’t seem to get either to work.

    These are and

    avatar-upload plugin requires a number of changes and even when I follow these steps I can’t get it to work. Bavatars doesn’t work either when I follow the WP option.

    Does anyone know of a simple solution?

    Thanks in advance


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  • I also am looking for a solution to this problem.



    Just to add to my previous post, I have created my own theme for WordPress. The forum works on it fine, it would just be nice to have the option for members to upload their own profile pictures.

    Maybe this is something the BBPress team can add on their next update as I’m sure many people would like this option?

    Hi MTPrower, I’m going to carry on looking for a solution, hopefully someone can help on here, but I’ll keep you updated with my progress. Could you let me know if you find a solution as well?

    Many thanks

    I will do that. I’ve also been looking for a way to upload avatars through the WordPress front-end, regardless of whether bbPress is installed or not, as that will also accomplish what I think both of us are trying to accomplish. Thanks.



    I’ve found a plugin where you can do this, it works perfect.

    Just upload profile pics via users menu.

    I wanted to allow the member to do it via my webpage rather than having access to wordpress. i.e. via profile edit in BBPress.

    I have found a temp solution that works for me, however I’am using eMember plugin that is integrated with Gravatar.

    I can’t accept that as a solution though. I need people to be able to upload their avatar in the front-end…



    Yeah I know, as I said it’s just a temp solution so I’ll still be looking for a full solution.

    I’ll keep you posted.

    I saw that, and as good as it is, it doesn’t let you upload avatars in the front-end of your site, as far as I know…



    This is the job for a bbPress-specific WP plugin…you don’t want to give forum participants access to the backend of your site…

    I understand for simplicity’s same you want to keep forum users on the front end, but there is no reason from a technical aspect why they can’t access the backed to edit their user profiles.

    OC2PS – when are we going to start seeing some of these plugins you keep suggesting? :)



    I understand that technically it’s all the same in that they have their user roles and can’t access any more functionality than intended for them.

    It’s more of a UI and face-of-the-site issue…

    Regarding the plugins, I do hope someone will take a crack at them soon :-)



    Thanks for the comments, I’d like my members to be able to upload an avatar via the profile edit option in my own BBPress forum. I don’t want them to see a WordPress profile, I’d like a simple upload section for the BBPress profile edit.

    I think BBPress is an excellent plugin but I think it should provide a way members can upload avatars.

    How do you upload avatars in this actual BBPress forum? Is there an option in profile edit?

    Many thanks

    Currently there is no option for this, you will have to see if you can find a plugin.



    I solved this problem by modifying de bbpress-login widget.My users can upload their fotos in the front-end by clicking on their avatar-photo, that is displayed in the sidebar.

    The info is from here:

    I am aware this it is not the most elegant way, but this is how I fixed it:

    1) I installed the WP-prettyPhoto plugin (maybe this is not necesary, but I think I need it )

    2) activate the bbpress-login widget by putting it in the sidebar (in the WP admin section)

    3) I addded this script to my sidebar.php: (in my case in wp-content/themes/inove/)

    <script type="text/javascript">

    function user_avatar_refresh_image(img){




    <script type='text/javascript'>

    var swrAjax = {

    ajaxurl: ""



    4) add jquery to the head section:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    5) I added these lines to wp-content/plugins/bbpress/bbp-includes/bbp-core-widgets.php, just

    after “<?php else : ?>” (line 132):

    (this will show the avatar when the user is logged in)

    <div id="user-avatar-display" >

    <p id="user-avatar-display-image"><?php echo get_avatar( bbp_get_current_user_id(), '100' ); ?></p>



    echo ‘Upload avatar

    You have to configure the css for a nice layout.

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