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Upgrading users to admins

  • Ok, so I have wordpress 2.51 fully integrated with bbpress I had a friend who I wanted to show the backend so I had him register and I figured I would then change his membership level to admin. So he registered via WordPress (which is using the register plus plugin) and it worked fine. He had subscriber status on WP and member status on BB. However, when I upgraded him via WP and it gave him admin status in WP but it didn’t change his status in BB, he is still just a member.

    Do I have to manually change this or is there a way to have it automatically change?

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  • Edit: I figured out this problem but the above problem still exists. Thanks in advance.

    John James Jacoby


    bbPress and WordPress are not cross aware of role changes.

    So, if you change a WordPress role, the bbPress role is not changed;

    If you change the bbPress role, the WordPress role is not changed.

    I believe that this is is probably the way that most people would want it to be, although it would make sense eventually (once these can be more tightly integrated) to have the option of syncing them up.

    “bbPress and WordPress are not cross aware of role changes.”

    So what is the point of WP/bbPress Integration plugin, in which you cross assign roles?

    You can set roles for unassigned roles and specify default roles for new members but if you change the role of a member, it is not reflected at other end.

    I find this limiting thing as a feature to have even more control on things.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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