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Upgrading BBPress v1.0.2 to the Latest Version

  • LewisSellers


    Hi There,

    We’re working on a clients website at the moment. Their forum is currently running on BB Press and has nearly 86,000 users on, 4500 topics, 25,000 posts and is relatively active. A large number of the users are likely to be spam, but it is a fairly active forum with about 60ish users using it each day.

    We want to update the forum to the latest version so that we can make use of all the newer social media implementations, security fixes and also the spam plugins to help reduce a lot of the manual work going on.

    Is there anyone on here who can handle the whole upgrade process, or is there a conversion kit to get it from 1.0.2 up to the latest version? I assume going from this version all the way to 2.2 is likely to be a fairly big task, so any help here would be fantastic.

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,

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