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Updating bbPress

  • ronthai



    I got version 2.5.0 and could update and should.
    I made some little changes in design, css and a few templates.

    I looked at this page:
    and if I understand correctly, only the bbpress.php has changed (and readme.txt).
    Would it be enough to just download that file and replace it or must it be done the official way, by installed plugins/update?

    Regards, Ron

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  • You should have all your customizations as per this document

    Once you have your customizations per that doc you can upgrade bbPress anytime without having to worry about these things.



    OK, Thanks, that seems to work perfectly.

    Question: What happens when there is a major update, e.g. bbPress 3.0 that maybe has loads of template and css changes?

    Exactly the same thing, click update, done 😉

    What you do need to keep a check on (and something we should make more detailed release notes on) are any updates that you may need to merge into your users custom templates.



    Exactly, that is what I mean with a major update, if code is added or changed in the templates or css.
    If that happens I will need to go through all changed templates and apply the edits to the updated templates or css.

    For css that is easy, just add css and if needed do ! important to override (works 95% of the time)

    For templates it will be adding additions, mostly html, again to the updated templates

    and then put that all again in the theme folder

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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