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Updating bbP plugin Deleted my theme!!

  • OK, trying VERY hard not to completely panic here…

    I updated bbP Plugin to beta 2 a few hours ago, thinking nothing much of it. I got called away for a while and just sat back down and went to look at the site – AND IT’S GONE!!

    The bbP upgrade has DELETED my theme directory, and with it my entire site!

    I do have a handy backup but it’s at least a week old, I might have a more recent backup as young as 24 hours but I’m going to have to go try to dig it out of my backup system.

    If bbP upgrades are always going to completely overwrite the themes directory, this is a VERY bad thing!!

    Back to trying to repair the damage fast. I hope someone can resolve this for future updates!


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  • John James Jacoby


    There’s absolutely no way that bbPress is responsible for doing anything inside your wp-content/themes/ directory. If you made changes to files inside the bbPress plugin folder, then you broke the first rule of using a WordPress plugin. :)

    But that’s just it – all I did was run the update from within my WP admin. That’s all. I was running a stock bbP beta 1 install (my customizations are just to the various template pages and a few minor edits to files within mytheme/bbpress). When next I looked, the folder was gone.

    Nobody at all was working on the server during this time but me, and nothing else happened in between. I ran the update, saw it completed, walked away, came back after a couple of hours, and the directory was gone.

    I suppose I could back it up now and try again just to test it, but I’d really kinda rather not. I can’t come up with any logical explanation of how my entire theme directory could have spontaneously deleted itself right after running the plugin updater.

    If I’m the only person this ever happens to, then great… we can write it off as an unexplained mystery. Personally though I’m never updating again without first backing up my theme directory.


    John James Jacoby


    I can guarantee you with 100% confidence that a bbPress plugin update alone will *never* nuke any files outside of the /wp-content/plugins/bbpress/ folder. :)

    When you update any WordPress plugin through the auto-updater, it deletes the plugin folder, recreates it, and puts the contents of the new version in there; that’s it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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