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Understanding Freshness (last post)

  • bcrider



    On my test forum I’m having a hard time understanding how Freshness works. On the theme I purchased Freshness is called “Last Post” but I’m assuming it works the same.

    What confuses me is on Forum List view, the Freshness (Last Post) seems to be pulling the last time a “Topic” was created….not the last time someone “replied”.

    Is this normal behavior and is there a way to modify it?

    I would like Freshness to reference the most recent reply….not the most recent topic.

    Forum View is showing last Topic date

    I’d like the Forum view to show the last Reply date like the Topic View page shows

    As a side question, how can I edit the size/color/boldness of the Freshness time given? I’d like to make it smaller.


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  • Robin W


    Not quite sure why you’re having a problem.

    ALL views of forums/topics should show last post as the latest reply to a topic, not quite sure why you’re seeing that differently.

    what ‘theme’ did you buy?

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