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'undelete' topics does not work

  • if I delete a topic, then go back to the topic via the admin panel in order to ‘undelete’ the topic, it doesn’t work.

    On clicking ‘undelete entire topic’ I am forwarded to a blank screen at a url in this format (had to break it up to fit on the page):


    this is the case with no plugins installed and default template. Any ideas? I couldn’t find this issue anywhere on the forums already.

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  • chrishajer


    You’re right. I had a different experience though:

    I didn’t even know there was an “undelete topic” function. I deleted this topic, with your one post. Then I undeleted the topic in the admin, and while it was undeleted, there were no posts in it. So i was able to view a topic with no posts in it. When viewing that as moderator, I was able to undelete the post and then it was visible.

    I’d say this is worth opening a ticket at but I would like to see if we have two different problems here.

    Might maybe be related to this as well:

    yeah, I saw that ticket. I can’t even undelete at all though!



    Seems like a separate issue from the one I was having here then, and even the trac ticket. We should focus on your issue.

    What sort of server are you on (Linux, OSX, Windows)? Any plugins that might affect this? How about changing to the default them. There was a problem for a while with both delete and undelete links being visible in some themes.

    thanks chris.

    I’m on a linux server. Like I said before, I’ve tested the problem with a blank template and zero activated plugins it still happened.

    it seems like it would be closest to this problem – although that trac has been marked as a duplicate with 1150, they seem to be separate problems to me. But you never know!

    Do you know what the correct url format for a undeleting should be? Is my forum directing me incorrectly, is delete-topic.php failing, or is my server not carrying through the command?



    I can confirm that the latest bug fixes do correct the problem – great work guys!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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