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Unclosed HTML tags

  • I’ve got a new installation of bbPress which is integrated into a mammoth WordPress site and I’m quite pleased with the outcome. The only real roadblock I’ve hit cropped up while testing.

    If a user doesn’t close an HTML tag in their post, the formatting is carried through to the rest of the site (yikes!). As you can imagine, things can get ugly real quick when this happens. And it will happen, without a doubt.

    Anyone aware of a fix for this? Did some searching and browsing but didn’t find any mention of this.

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  • This must happen on a topic with replies right? All topics are listed on front-page.php and formatting in a post wouldn’t change that page. Almost all pages are listed with titles only, so you must be referring to topics page? Is that correct or is there something more?

    As well, do you have an example?


    Yeah, as you mentioned, this can only happen when viewing a topic. The site I’m working on is password protected as it isn’t public yet. But I’ve taken a screenshot which you can check out here. Notice all the text on the page from the sentence starting with “Matt” is in bold. That’s where I opened the strong tag.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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