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Unable to make forum private

  • Autumn Macarthur


    Hi, I’ve just set up a new website to creat a private forum for a small group. I’m using at as a stand alone site, separate from my WordPress blog. I installed bbPress via Softaculous, and the version it’s given me is 1.2.

    My main concern is that there’s NO option to set forums as visible to members only, as shown in the documentation. I really need that.

    Will upgrading to a newer version fix that? I’m not sure how to manage the upgrade.

    Sorry to sound like a complete moron!

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  • mediaplasmid


    Hi Autumn,

    when you create a new forum there should be a box towards the bottom right labelled “forum attributes”. In there you will find a field called visibility. Set the visibility to private. This should make it so only logged in members can see that forum.

    private forum option location

    Let me know if this works



    bbPress 1.x is no longer supported. I suggest removing that forum and adding the bbPress 2.x plugin to your website.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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