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unable to log in to wp after installing bbpress

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  • Trent Adams


    Did you get this working? If you have access to your database through myphpAdmin or something like that, we can make sure that your admin user has the correct privelages pretty easy by looking at wp_users and then browsing to the admin user. The install of bbPress should not have changed the admin capabilities of your WP admin backend access because it would have added a completely seperate ‘role’ entry to wp_usermeta and not touched the wp_user table at all.


    I have the same problem… :(

    Well…I’ve resolved my (and maybe also your) problem… the problem was that I’ve used the same db prefix for both bbpress and wordpress… I feel like an idiot :D I just didn’t read the instructions too carefuly :D

    I also failed to read the instructions carefully… how did you resolve the problem?



    If you overwrote the wp_ tables with the bbPress installation script, I think the best (only?) solution is to restore your WP database from a backup, then install bbPress with a proper table prefix, like bb_.

    Maybe the installation script should check for someone setting the table prefix in bbPress to wp_ and question it or warn that bad things can happen. Or possibly it could check for the existence of those wp_ tables already, and warn that they’re going to be modified or overwritten?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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