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Unable to install properly i18n languages

  • Good Day everyone,

    For a few years now I have bbPress and WordPress installed in French language.
    Currently using bbpress 2.5.14 and WordPress 4.9.6.
    The two language files and bbpress-fr_FR.po are located in the wp-content/plugins/languages folder.

    Everything looks to work fine except that since the beginning notifications mails are sent in English language. I never figured out the reason and hope someone could help me.
    Everytime it’s the default template like “Mr Foo wrote:”, “New Topic”, etc…

    The original WordPress install was in English language but I installed the French pack during the updates, I define (‘WPLANG’, ‘fr_FR’); in wp-config.php as well and the admin interface is in french. I don’t understand. I tried to modified the .po / .mo file with a software but no effects. I’m using WP Config SMTP plugin but I don’t think it’s related, right ?

    Any help / advise would be really appreciated.

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  • Bump, anyone with a hint ?
    Does everyone mail’s notifications language working properly ?
    I would love to hear any tips please or way to look for.

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