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Unable to get forums to show up

  • I see other users have had this issue and I’ve attempted the fixes that have been recommended, but I cannot get the forums to actually show up on the website. I installed bbpress, created the forums, and then to be honest I got a little lost because I was unable to find guidance as to what comes next. I tried creating a page called forums but that didn’t work. I tried deleting and reinstalling bbpress and that didn’t work. I tried resetting my permalinks, and yeah, that didn’t work either.

    At the moment, there are two larger forums under the forum tab that cannot be altered or deleted by me in any way. All I can do is add categories to them. In this case I added a category called consumer packaged goods:

    I’m unable to reflect this link on my website as it is not allowing me to use the forums/forum thing.

    Please help.

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  • That’s odd indeed.

    The first thing I would try for debugging purposes is disabled ALL plugins except bbPress and see if there was one conflicting.

    Trying that and see if by some chance that helps.

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