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Unable to get bbPress to do anything

  • Hey,

    I tried this a few weeks ago, couldn’t get it to work and ended up using mingle.

    Now for round 2, since my wordpress knowledge has increased I have decided to give buddypress / bbpress another shot.

    My problem: I am using a purchased theme. WHen I install bbpress /forums/forum gives a 404 error. I create this page and insert the short code for index, it shows up. But if you click on a category, it goes to a blank page just showing the category (nothing below)

    This is all in a child theme of my page

    I have resaved my permalinks (currently set to %postname%).

    I installed 2.1 same behaviour

    I’m not sure if I had to create it, but I created a blank page “forums” then a child page “forum” where I’ve put [bbp-topic-index]

    When I navigate to this page I can see the forum. I have a forum “general” with a post in it called “welcome” if I click on general I would think that it would likst the posts, but instead I just get a page titled general with no content.

    Edit: Resolved – not sure why, but when I create a new forum or topic, if I don’t put some content in it, it won’t display the page. Maybe a theme thing

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