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Unable to change language.

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    I am using bbPress to create a forum for a customer. I use WordPress 4.6.1 and bbPress 2.5.11.
    I downloaded the .mo and .po files in my language (Finnish) from this link, changed the file names into: and bbpress-fi_FI.po, and moved them to wp-content/languages/bbpress
    Eventhough my wordpress site language is Finnish and I have those mo and po file in the folder, the bbpress forum is still in English.

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  • When you downloaded those files what options did you select?

    You need to select All current to get the “current strings”

    p.s. I’ve also just made a request to have bbPress “stable” language packs generated, once this is complete you should be able to download the translations directly from the WordPress updates dashboard, just as you get the translations for WordPress itself.

    Keep an eye out for Finnish to show up in the API here

    Actually, you should be able to do this now, I was looking at an incorrect URL.

    Finnish is in the API here

    You should be able to remove the .po & .mo files and then just update your translations from the dashboard (/wp-admin -> dashboard -> updates -> Update translations)



    I found out that because in the header.php in my theme, the <html> tag has an attribute of lang="en" that overrode WordPress language options. I removed this and it works. Thanks for your reply anyway!

    Cool, I’ll try to remember that, thanks for that tip 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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