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unable to access my admin panel screen message says user does not exist

  • I recently tried to integrate my bbpress forum (what do Chrisrtians believe) with my wordpress blog (food for thought. Somehow the end result what do christians believe being integrated with chrisrtiansbelieve.

    Christiansbeleive is a wordpress that i tried to create a long time ago and had forgotten about it.

    The consequence of this is that I don’t have access to my bbpress forum (what do christians beleive?). I keep getting unregistered user messages. I can’t even reset the password.

    Is it possible to delete this integration link and to give me access to my forum?

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  • Hello,

    What is your version of wordpress and that of your forum?

    You have arrived in time to log a wordpress admin?

    sorry for my poor english but i dont understand this expression

    “Is it possible to delete this integration link “

    in your blog, i see a vanilla forum not a bbpress integration oO

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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