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Ugly error on main page

  • At the login page, I get a really ugly error

    Fatal error: Call to a member function get_error_message() on a non-object in /home/12194/domains/ on line 11

    I am able to see the login in the header but not the body…

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  • You posted once before about modifying your login:

    Is it possible something was changed with your login code or templates?

    What I did was reinstall bbpress on a new URL and pointed it at the old database. That worked fine.

    Could that have messed up this login.php file?

    Hmm, I don’t think so.

    The error message mentions kakumei in /bb-templates/ – that’s usually not called unless a file is missing from your active theme. Is the default Kakumei your active theme?

    Yes, Kakumei is my active theme (and only theme).

    It says the error is on line 11. And line 11 seems to be –

    $user_login_error = $bb_login_error->get_error_message( ‘user_login’ );

    The context is this –


    11 $user_login_error = $bb_login_error->get_error_message( ‘user_login’ );

    12 $user_email_error = $bb_login_error->get_error_message( ‘user_email’ );

    13 $user_password_error = $bb_login_error->get_error_message( ‘password’ );


    Are you integrated with any other installs?

    Also – was this working at some point, and then recently stop working? If so, what changed just before it stopped working?

    Not integrated with anything. Stopped working after I upgraded to 1.0 beta.

    I can reinstall something – but not sure what? B/c I just installed the newest available in the hope the problem goes away (1.o RC) but it is still there.

    Oh, I have the Force Login plugin to ensure that no forum is visible before logging in. But it was there before as well and the login page didn’t break like this…

    That plugin is only certified to version 0.8… it’s possible it’s not compatible with version 1.

    Try disabling the plugin and see if the error goes away?

    Well, yes, it goes away. B/c that whole space is used by the forums instead. Weirdly, there’s another forum running 1.0 where it works fine. It is just this one that is having the issues…

    I saw this thread too –

    Which had a similar issue but was then fixed…

    Hmm, what exactly is your goal – are you basically trying to limit access to a select group of users, and require them to be signed in to access all forums?

    all my plugins are in bb-plugins and the templates in bb-templates.

    Should they be in my-plugins and my-templates?

    Yes, that’s the goal. Exactly.

    The thing is that this plugin seems to work in many forums just fine… Grr.

    And *thanks* for all your help. Appreciate your responses.

    Try creating a new role with this plugin (v 1.0 compatible)

    Then use this plugin to set it up so that your new role always has access to all forums:

    That way, you don’t have to disable registration… new users won’t be able to penetrate the hidden forums, no matter what.

    Thanks again. I found where Role Moderator is hidden, now searching for how to do the Forum setting.

    Thank you! This works!!

    I get an error now that says –

    arning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/10298/domains/ on line 84

    Will check with the Hidden Forum plugin creator too.

    What settings did you use at the top of the Hidden Forums plugin?

    If you leave the settings as is (the same as when you downloaded the plugin), does it still throw an error?

    Yes, it still does, even with nothing changed. Just load plugin and activate (no changes), I get the error.

    Ah I see. That exact error has been reported by someone else using the latest bbPress together with Hidden forums… and they even suggested a patch to that they claim fixed the issue!

    Or if I’m reading this correctly, you could also create a general folder and leave it as public… so that there’s always at least one forum, and it’s never null?

    That change to the file worked perfectly.

    Thanks very, very much johnhiler!!

Viewing 19 replies - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)
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