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Two Indexes on One Website

  • Willyth


    Maybe I’m missing something, but I want to create two separate indexes (two separate sets of forums) on the same website. Right now, I have one set running using the short code [bbp-forum-index]. I assume if I use the same shortcode on a different page, I’ll get the same list of forums, when what I really want is a separate set of forums. This should be easy so I’m probably missing something… Help please! Thanks!

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  • Robin W


    from memory, if you make two categories, and place each of the forums into one of these two as sub forums, so you end up with two categories as ‘indexes’ and their relative forums under them

    then use

    [bbp-single-forum id=$forum_id] with the category being the forum_id

    you will get two forum lists.

    Come back if that doesn’t work

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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