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two forums/categories next to each other

  • Is there a way to set two different categories next to each other in main page.

    | id 1 | | id 2 |

    Thanks in advance!

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  • kevinjohngallagher


    Could you elaborate a little more please?

    sorry about that. basically what i’d like to achieve is “two forums in one page”.

    here’s a simple scetch –

    forum has 2 categories/subforums. and when I come to main page I see both of them in two separate columns. left one is for ‘forum 1’ and right column for ‘forum 2’. something like 2 bbpress installations next to each other.

    hope my question is now more clear :)




    Thanks, thats really helpful.

    You could definately do this, though it’s not overly easy, it is relatively straightforward.

    You’ve 3 options:

    1) Edit the CSS to attempt to display things the way you want.

    In theory it’s good, in practice it’d be a pain (imo).

    2) Edit the theme file to put categories into their own DIV and then style them into two columns via CSS.

    Probably the easiest without hacking any real PHP.

    3) Write your own query on the database and output hte code exactly as you want it.

    Tricky, mostly as we’ve no documentation or examples, but it’s definately possible if you know your way around PHP (and any cusotm wordpress theming experience would be helpful)

    Basically though, you’ll have to code it and you’re somewhat on your own there, but we can try and help out if you hit a road block.

    thanks for the help. I started by maiking a new theme and almost blank css, but got stuck exactly where I need to modify the front-page.php and couldn’t find anything concrete from Docs.

    seems like instead of

    ?php if ( $topics ) : ?

    there should be something like

    ?php if ( $topics || $category-id ) : ?

    … am I correct?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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