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Two different databases

  • I try to integrate BBpress and WordPress. I’ve already read that it isn’t a problem to have BBpress on a sub-domain. So that is something I will do. Another problem I have is that I want to have two different databases. In a later stage I want to be able (doesn’t say that I will do it) to remove the forum with all his database information. Is there a simple way of doing that?

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  • chrishajer


    With integration, you are sharing the wp_users table. Even if bbPress and WordPress are in different databases, there is going to be some shared data – that’s what the integration does. So having bbPress and WordPress in different databases doesn’t actually help with that. If you have them in the same database, just drop the bb_ tables and edit the users to remove any bbPress users. I don’t think using different databases helps you down the road.

    I know the idea of integrate. When I check the documentation on the BBpress site about integrate I find this:

    “If you would like to pull user information from a different database, define USER_BBDB_NAME, USER_BBDB_USER, USER_BBDB_PASSWORD, and USER_BBDB_HOST.”

    Now I don’t how to do this. I should add this to the config.php file, but how and where exactly to put this is not clear to me. A visitor doesn’t seem any difference and I will not have big MySQL databases.

    When I find out in a later stage that I have a lack of visitors I can remove all the data within an eye wink instead of the big adventure of finding everything concerning BBpress in the WordPress database.



    Separate db vs one table is something new for 0.9 I believe.

    Those are constants that have to be defined in bb-config.php just like any of the other constants. ie.


    If you are just now installing bbpress and not already integrating an existing install, if you wait for the 0.9 release on monday, it will do most of the integration for you.

    There are endless instructions for integration, I’ve gathered most of them here (though that list is getting outdated for 0.9)

    I will have a look on it on monday. I will start over with a fresh mind. When everything will be easier why should I try to get it working this weekend. Thanks for the hint!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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