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twitter feed works in bbpress but NOT wp, why?

  • freshwater

    @freshwater all i did was copy the twitter widget html (from whatever site) into my up-to-date wordpress with bbpress plug in and the twitter feed works fine. in any other non bbpress site (only wordpress), the twitter feed does not disply. i see many people complaining of this for a year but i don’t see anyone with a solution.

    thank you for any help!

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  • Lynqoid


    If I test on a blank install of WordPress the twitter feed works, if I add bbPress it also works. Do you have an example of any other non bbPress site where the twitter feed is not working?

    I am guessing a plugin conflict, javascript error or template problem.

    Good luck!



    wow! you’re gonna love this one. the problem is Ghostery the AD blocker i use. with Ghostery off all my wordpress and wordpress/bbpress sites display Twitter feed properly. Ghostery on and some of my wordpress/bbpress sites display the Twitter feed, it’s not bbpress but another plug in that allows Ghostery to be on and still display the Twitter feed. (i use a mac so results could be diff on windoz).
    i’d guess all those people posting complaints for 2 years (and no answers), have AD blockers running!

    thanks for looking into that!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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