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Twenty Eleven – sidebar missing?

  • zanzaboonda


    Hey everyone-

    I know it’s probably been asked/answered before, but I honestly searched through the forums and couldn’t find a direct answer to this (or, at least, one that I could understand, lol).

    I’m running:
    WP 3.5
    BP 1.6.3
    BBP 2.2.3
    Twenty Eleven (very basic child theme)

    So my forums page doesn’t show the sidebar, and I’m not sure why. Oddly, it is not showing as a full page width. It’s like the space is there; the sidebar just isn’t showing.

    When you click on an individual forum (e.g.,, it goes full page. I’d really just like everything to have the sidebar.

    I ran the BuddyPress Compatibility plugin and they seem to be fine now (e.g.,, but the forums are not.

    Have I done something wrong? I’m not a programmer, but I’m also not a n00b. I feel like there is some simple or obvious step I’ve overlooked.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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