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Trying to simply edit the font color on my search page

  • I hate it when something so easy is giving me problems. I have a link to my search page…… like that. And it works fine, except the font color on the search form itself is a gray or reddish color and it doesn’t go with my dark blue layout… I need the font to be white. With CSS I’ve got the font set to white everywhere else, even the search results are white, but the form itself is not so you can barely read it.

    I’ve tried editing the color with CSS, regular html, I’ve been in my search.php in my forum root and my search.php in my template, and I’ve been in my search-form.php file, and no matter what I do… I can only get the font to change in firefox… for some reason in ie6, which should be illegal to use, the font it not white.

    I simply added <font color=”white”></font> to the form, and again, it works in firefox, but when I test it with ie6 it doesn’t work. Why?

    I even tried adding a new div… I added <div id=”searchcolor”>search form code here</div> then in my CSS file I have #searchcolor {color:white;}, but even that doesn’t work. Nothing seems to change the form font color in ie6.

    This is frustrating because it’s something SO simple! Font color!

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  • Nevermind. I found _ck_’s awesome super search plug in and activated that, which fixed my font color issue actually.

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