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Trying to replace Yahoo Group. Can bbPress be configure to do the following:

  • I am building a website for our local Canine Search and Rescue group. They are currently using Yahoo Groups but since some users can’t access Yahoo from work they need me to build them an alternative.

    The biggest features I need to replicate are:

    – users can register to post to the group

    – posts are threaded (like a forum) and appear on the website/forum

    – posts are emailed to all (registered) members of the group

    – WP editors/administrators can manage group users and posts

    – dead easy to use

    If they are able to reply to posts via email that would be a great bonus.

    How much of that can I accomplish with bbPress?

    I have build membership sites in the past and used other forum software so I am not a newbie nor afraid to get in under hood and make changes if necessary.

    Jodie B

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