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Trying to make a job board using BBpress, but have some decision problems

  • Hello,

    I am planning to make a Job Board using BBpress (after 8 months of research, i though this is the best thing), but i have been having some problems trying to decide some things and i was wondering if someone would help me out here.

    So each thread will be one job post, and that thread will be locked.

    What i cant figure out is what will the employer use to sign in?

    Well, i want the username to actually be the name of the employer. For example, if the employer is Microsoft, then the employer will post a job post (ie;make a thread).

    So what is the problem with that?

    If i (the job board owner) wanted to populate my job board, and make job posts of Microsoft jobs taken from there website, i would have to make a username called ‘Microsoft’. Ok, thats cool. But then, one day, when Microsoft wants to post jobs themselves, they wont be able to becuase the username ‘Microsoft’ has already been taken.

    So how is this problem solved? Well, the best solution is to have Guest posting, but that is not avaliable yet.

    So does anyone have any ideas on what i can do?


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  • oops, sorry, i double posted a thread



    If you are just making one locked post with no replies then WordPress will suit you better. Forums are best for users being able to start threads themselves. Blog-like CMS software is best for 1-to-many.

    The other benefit of WordPress is that you can have unlimited alias nicknames and anonymous self-posting with alias nicknames. So you could pretend to be “Microsoft” when you post and then later if Microsoft really becomes a client you can give them a true login with the real username.

    Last but not least wordpress has far more development and plugins and contributors than bbpress at this time. Something to consider for a commercial application.

    Hello ck,

    thanks for the help.

    I keep on thinking that wordpress is a blog software, but i guess its just like any other CMS.

    Furthermore, what im trying to do now is reduce cost. That means, try to use the software that has the most features that i need already.

    BBpress already has categories (different job types) , posts (job posts) , users (companies) and avatars (for logos).

    Just way too confused for a person like me who doesnt know anything.

    Can you please show me some websites that use WordPress, that are not blogs?

    Something with some functionality in them.




    No offence to the people. But i just went on the support forum and searched for ‘CMS’ and almost everyone there has a lot of trouble making into a CMS.

    All the reply posts about CMS on there have all been just ‘advice’, no real action to build on. is the hosted blog service of wordpress. Go to to search


    Sorry i meant

    I’m not sure I understand. Is this a technical problem with bb or a conceptual problem with your idea?

    If you make fake accounts so you can post threads with the right dude’s name, and the right dude turns up later, just give him your fake account. That’s not automatable by default, you would have to manually edit the profile to set their email and then let them set their own password. But it would work.

    Do you have the right dude’s permission to post his jobs?

    Posting jobs from company websites (NOT job boards) is fine. Infact, you are doing them a favour.

    Job postings are like advertisements.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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