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Trying to do a basic import from a custom forum

  • mjuszczak


    I’m trying to do an import from custom forum software. At this point I’ve already imported the users via a separate plugin. And I’ve already created the topics. All I need to do is import topics, posts, and replies.

    It looks like all the data for topics, posts, and replies are stored in the wp_5_posts table (I’m using multisite). However, there looks to be a lot of stuff loaded in the postmeta table as well. If I import things directly into wp_5_posts and ignore postmeta, then run the database jobs, will it create the post meta data?

    I was going to use Example.php to import but that also tries to import users, tags, etc. which I don’t have… I only have topics, posts, and replies to import.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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