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trouble with WooCommerce multilingual

  • Ellievant


    Hey there,
    after having recently started with bbpress 2.5.4 and WP 4.1, I ran into a “404” problem after having created forum and topic as per the step-by-step directive (using method #2 with shortcode).
    Right from the start, a “404” appeared when startgin from the forum index page (the one with the shortcode). I spent the last 40 hrs reading and trying the various proposed fixes, none worked.
    However, deactivating the installed plugins and trying did point to WooCommerce Multilingual
    being the culprit, since the forums, subforums, categories, topics work fine when WC Mutlilingual is deactivated. If WC ML is activated, the same URL (using “postname”) is crashing to a “404”.

    I somebody has run into similar problem and/or a diagnosis on what the reason is-
    or even better can provide the magic fix, please step up and collect the praise… I myself m at the very end of my wits and carry a dangerous 1/8 knowledge about what I am doing…


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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