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Trouble using importing tool

  • tomijolkkonen


    I am trying to import from an old phpbb forum to bbpress using the tool. I run it with row limit 1000, I have used 100 and it worked with the database. The problem is that it turns every post into a reply. They are in the same folder when importing from the phpbb database. Also it does not recognize the forums folder.

    The forum folder is named: phpbb_3forums and the folder that contains both posts and replies is:phpbb_3posts. So I dont know why the forums don’t get recognized and why posts and replies get clumped up together.

    This was not the problem in the last version. Last time I was just getting timed out but the Forums worked and pulled about 5k posts and the parents were done right. I have tried running the repair tools but doesn’t work.

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  • John James Jacoby


    Which version of phpBB?

    1000 rows at a time is pretty high. Make sure you have quite a bit of RAM/memory available for that many at once.



    phpBB version is 3 but not the newest version of it. I’m doing this for another person, who has custom code on the site and he said that he is unable to update the version.

    The row amount. I get the same results with either 100 or 1000.

    The problem is just that it doesnt recognize the forum folder to get the top parent forums. 2nd problem. The importer changes posts into replies and now every post is a reply.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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