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Trouble migrating large Drupal 6 forum

  • soundboy


    Hi, I’ve been working on migrating my large Drupal site to WordPress. I’ve managed to do the majority of the site but now I’m stuck on the forum.

    I’m using Drupal 6 and Advanced Forum, I have 26K topics and 700K replies.

    I’ve tried running the script on a couple of different local machines, and on my VPS server where I’ve had the most success; the script does the 26K topics smoothly but then hangs pretty early in the replies, around the 700th row. Locally, it gets stuck before. Weird thing is that a couple of times I’ve left it running for longer, eventually it manages to go past that sticking point and just continues extremely slowly.

    Also: I’ve read the troubleshooting instructions, which make sense but I don’t understand how to pinpoint the line numbers within the database, specifically these points:

    • “Now drop all the rows in the database that are not in the range of rows that failed during import”
    • “Once you have your list of offenders and the import has finished delete these rows from the database and test again to make sure it completes without hanging

    So question #1: if I look at my database in phpMyAdmin for example, and I know the problem is in rows 700-799 of my replies, how do I locate these rows?

    Question #2: Is there a way to know for sure if the problem is performance/memory related or if it’s an encoding issue in a specific row? I don’t know if I should be directing my efforts to solving performance issues or pinpointing problem rows.

    And finally question #3: Does anybody here have experience with these issues and would be willing to be hired to do this migration? Contact me if you do please!

    Thank you very much for any help you can provide 🙂

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