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trouble editing css responsive view

  • timmy321


    This is the third time I’ve posted this as the first two have not shown up on the forums (I do apologise if they all show up at once now)

    I need to edit css for the ‘Register here’ and ‘forgot password’ pages as they look terrible in responsive view when logged out, I can use CSS Hero for this..

    However, I am unable to do this because being logged into wordpress (to enable me to edit css) means that I only see the ‘logged in’ view of the ‘register here’ and ‘forgot password’ pages. Whereas it’s actually the ‘logged out’ view I need to edit.

    If you type into:

    you should hopefully see what my dilemma is, as the unlogged in view should come up.

    I hope this makes sense?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,


    WordPress V. 5.4.2
    BBPress V.2.6.5
    Theem: Astra

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