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Trouble accessing admin panel

  • I’m newer to bbPress but I promise I’ve read all the threads on fixing login problems for the key_master, but they aren’t working for me with the latest version.

    First, everything worked great with a vanilla install. I then used this converter to import my phpbb forums. Unfortunately, this converter has a couple of issues, including messing up the ID of the admin user.

    So, I simply upgraded a few of my users to keymasters and got rid of the original admin user. Unfortunately, even though I have multiple keymaster users, when I log in as one, I cannot access the control panel.

    I’ve been looking through the databases and everything looks right to me. My example user is “rob” with an ID of “3”. In bb_usermeta user_id 3’s bb_capabilities are set a:1:{s:9:”keymaster”;b:1;}.

    I tried this solution in the bb-config.php file, since there isn’t a config.php file anymore, but it didn’t seem to do anything. Oddly, I couldn’t get it to emit an error either and I don’t see the function new_keymaster referred to anywhere in the current code so I’m not sure that still works.

    Thanks in advance for any help with this. Right now, I’m stumped.


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  • I’m not sure what was messed up in my installation from last night, but wiping out the database and reconverting the data over seemed to fix the problem.

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