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Trac Updates for 1.1

  • kevinjohngallagher


    Just a few quick update for those at the development side:

    I’ve went through Trac and made some changes for 1.1. Mostly the involve bunting things to the next again release of BBpress.

    If you’re the owner of a ticket that has been moved, please check that you’re ok with it. When reviewing the list there were way too many “tasks” or new bits of functionality needed that were not going to make it into this release of BBpress. On top of that there were too many bugs/features that really needed to be re-written from the ground up to make it into this next release.

    If you have any bugs, please add them to Trac so we can keep this moving along.



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  • Gautam


    Please do not change the milestone of tickets which have a working patch or are bugs.



    Yo Gautam,

    No tickets with patches should have been changed, 90% sure i checked for them all – really sorry if one slipped through.

    Bugs on the other hand, I was selective about the reality of getting them fixed. Take Ticket 215: Post count bug as an example:

    • Is it a bug? Yes
    • Does it stop BBpress working in any way? No.
    • Will it sap development time from getting this release out the door? Possibly.
    • So I moved it :)

    I’m definitely not in charge around here, so please, if I’ve moved something you (or anyone else) thinks should be in this Milestone, then please move them back. It’s just that smilies, youtube support etc. had been sitting there for weeks on end. With less fluff in trac for each milestone, hopefully we can get more people interested in testing (as one of the major gripes i hear often is “i don’t know where to start”).

    Lets hope we get some of the patches in soon :)



    I have a list of tickets which can be fixed in a day (90% of them have patches, or are a 1-2 lines fix):

    Low – #1216 #1184 #1183 #1237 #1192 #1173 #1230 #1234 #1193

    Mod – #1199 #1185 #1165 #1222 #1181 #1233 #1232 #1244 #1241 #690 #1252

    High – #1194 #1214 #1202




    Thanks for addressing my plugin and user list tickets :)



    Gautam my friend,

    I may face your ire here a little, but looking at the 1.1 trac list, i’m going to bump some more things to 1.5.

    With the focus being on 1.0.3 for the last while, there’s been a few things that definately fall under the heading of “Scope Creep” in the 1.1 Milestone.

    Now that 1.0.3 isn’t being released as Matt emailed Chris saying to release 1.1 when it was ready, I believe we should focus on what needs to be done for 1.1, and not do additional coding.

    Yes there are things we’d all like to see, but given the HUGE amount of changes (over a year’s worth of code), lets just get it out without adding more functionality simply because we’re not under a strict time limit.

    Again, I’m deleting nothing (though whoever put in the YouTube video as high priority is having a laugh), and just moving somethings to 1.5. Lets knock out what we can in the 1.1 milestone, and if we’re still waiting on BackPress to roll out it’s fixes we can hunt some of those nice to have’s that I’ve moved to 1.5



    “I believe we should focus on what needs to be done for 1.1, and not do additional coding.”

    Agreed. Fix bugs, not new features.




    This won’t be a short post, but I truly wish for you to know this comes from a place of respect and admiration for both your code and your commitment to bbPress and it’s community.

    Please, let us focus on what we need to get the next release finished.

    We simply cannot fix everything.

    We have to prioritise.

    Matt, who is the project lead, did the prioritising for us.

    • Critical Bug fixes
    • Email notifications
    • Anonymous posting.

    That’s it. Once those are ready, we release.

    Matt himself said that the focus should not be on bugs, but on the 2 new features and critical only bugs.

    It’s not for me to tell you, nor even ask, what you should be working on; but please allow me to help you. As a developer, and someone who loves this project, you are trying your best to solve as many problems as possible. It is so admirable, and we all appreciate your efforts. But in the long run, you are only going to slow us down. How?


    When a developer writes code, especially large pieces of code, there are bugs. It is the nature of the beast. We have very very few testers, very very few people who download the latest trunk version to test. The chances of us catching anything but the most obvious of bugs are slim.

    Take the new default Kakumei theme you’ve included. While I’m in total agreement that the default theme needs changing, this is not the way forward. You’ve changed about 400 lines of code, and there will be bugs. Given that a new Kakumei theme isn’t part of the feature list, those bugs are going to count against us, not be a positive.

    You’re giving theme developers slighty more tools to work with, but all you’re giving the average user and the new users is an untested theme that looks like the old one (which looks crap still).

    Regardless of how awesome your code is, and it looks brilliant, the best we can hope for with it is that it doesn’t go badly. If it works flawlessly, no-one will notice. There is no winning scenario here. No part of releasing a new theme in 1.1 will be beneficial, especially as it looks identical to the old one.

    Sadly the same can be said for your efforts to totally rewrite the entire tag system. I’ve absolutely no doubt, 100%, that your code and functionality would be amazing. But right now, it works. Same for your Mass Delete / User handling functionality. etc etc

    There comes a time when Less is More.

    Less code changes means less new bugs, means less “OMG it’s taken a year to come out and it’s still terrible” posts. Less code means less to test, it might mean more bugs are caught, it means less bugs released. Less code means we can release quicker. Less code means less testing time.

    Realistically, we have only 2 bugs in 1.0.3 ( #1228, #1276 ) and 2 bugs in 1.1 ( #1244, #1268 ) that are stopping us from releasing this thing to alpha for testing. Thats great work, even if #1244 looks like it will be a lot of work.

    The other bugs (#538, #1183, #1277, #1243 ) are all “nice to haves”, and yet somehow contain about 800-1000 lines of code with changes. There has to be some form of Risk Assesment here bro. 1000 lines of code changed with no functionality to forum users, but instead increases the chances of bugs?? Risky, very risky.

    Look, BackPress might never include the fix we need to get this thing working, so lets focus on the outstanding bugs that are blocking us, and lets worry about the others after. Because lets be honest, if we’re building a new theme for bbPress, it’s should look nothing like KAKumei (emphasis on KAK)

    Gautam Gupta


    Okay, I have bumped Kakumei ticket to 1.5 (maybe we could have that in 1.2 itself) but I think the tags ticket can get in 1.1…

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