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trac explanation for noobs

  • Hi,

    Well I’ve got a link in my gmail that I have a trac thingy for my plugin. Well great…. only how the hell do I use this. First of all, the link in my gmail aint working properly (page isn’t loading all the stuff when clicking the link)

    Sec is see thes folders:




    What are they for? What files do I put in them and in which one? The trac help is too massive to figure out these noob questions, so a small easy sumary would be nice…

    As a noob this A: doesn’t work (link in email is wacky) and B: I have no idea where to start or what to upload where…


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  • A little daunting at first for sure. Here is a link of clients that you can use to connect to the TRAC SVN plugin page for youself:

    That particular link has the clients to connect to the server. Once there, you give the address that you were emailed for your plugin and then drop and drag your plugin files over to the 3 directories. Make sure you read this page on adding a plugin because it has all the information you need including the readme validation. You have to go through that with a fine tooth comb because the plugin shows up on the plugin page based off the information being properly formatted at the top of the plugin and from the readme file. It is all on that page, as well as what to put in each directory.

    I created a version number folder and uploaded it using the Tortoise program from the links I gave you first for programs. It then asks for a username and password. Use the one you use in these forums and it will work for you.

    That should get your started!


    I still can’t even figure out how to upload the files, some help plz?

    If you are using Windows, try going to the link I gave you above for programs and find Tourtoise. It is a graphical program and has a user manual on access a SVN through your file explorer. That would be my main suggestion as it seemed to be the easiest for me. Still trying to find a graphical MAC one though…..


    Actually found a good one! Check this out:

    Engtech’s SVN Tutorial


    So I need to install an extra program in order to upload files?? Tjee not very user friendly, did some reading and I believe the next trac version will have this function on its own.

    Will try out your links for now, thx

    I’ve installed turtoise tried some stuff but I realy giving up now. This way of uploading is way too complicated and userUNfriendly.

    I suggest you guys update to trac 0.11 (which includes uploading files) or give some simple FTP acces cause the way things are now aint working for me (normal noob user). Spent some hours now trying to just do 1 simple thing UPLOADING A PLUGIN…. nothing more…

    I have no choice but putting the plugin on my own site. It’s kinda silly a simple thing like uploading can be made so complicated……

    what is the link to the plugin on your site? I can probably upload it for you….just need mdawaffe to give me access to your directory……


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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