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  • This is a sideproject I’ve been working on for a while that I put into production very recently. It’s a web site for students where they can collaborate on assignments, share work, get work reviewed, ask questions etc. When I was an undergrad I always wanted a site like this; unfortunately, there really wasn’t one available. So, once I graduated (about 2 months ago), I decided to start putting one together.

    The site is run on BBPress. The theme is completely custom, and it required lots of tweaking – both to template files and to some core files to get it to work more or less how I wanted. If you have any questions about how I did something with this theme let me know.

    Also, if I may plug it, I had an idea for a unique advertising model (I think) that I couldn’t let go to waste – inspired by the million dollar homepage by Alex Tew… the entire background of the site is available as adspace for a measly $64.00 per square… the ads would create a mosaic that the content would overlay – becoming a part of the site’s design.

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  • _ck_


    Very nice clean design.

    Just a suggestion that you’ve got a bit much “above the fold” on that front page. People with regular 1024×768 or 1280×800 viewing areas may never see the bottom part. You may want to try to reduce the vertical height of the login/welcome/search box on top?

    Thanks for the comments. I spent a good amount of time while I was designing this deciding how much I want to have above the fold. This article on Boxes and Arrows was what really did it for me, though:

    Agree with cK. good work, keep it up.

    The notions about the fold and some other things finally got through me. I just changed things around further; requiring registration to see the content, among other things.

    I really like how easy it was with BBpress to make these changes possible – literally less than 20mins. To make things show up only when a user is logged in, I used a bunch of these:


    if ( bb_is_user_logged_in() ) {

    include ‘path/to/include.php’;


    else {

    echo ‘ ‘;



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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