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Topics with strange status

  • I went live with my bbpress forum a few days ago. Today I noticed five topics with identical name and author in the admin panel, topics that does not show up in the forum. When filtering topics those are not visible using the normal flag, the only way I can see them is with no filtering (all). Did a lookup in the database and they all have topic_status=2.

    Anyone having a clue?



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  • 2 is the status for Spam. Do you have Akismet active? It sounds like it’s spamming some of your topics – you can go into the admin and clear them?

    Thanks for your reply, just like you said Akismet has identified those posts as spam. I contacted the user and asked for a report and he replied that every time he tried to submit the topic he got an error message stating “no subject”, which is strange since all five posts had a subject(the same). I understand if Akismet reacts on five messages in a row with the same subject in a short time, but the real question is why bbPress presents an error message when a subject is both submitted and inserted? Lets hope this will not happen again :) Maybe a one time error?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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