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Topics not shown to admin user

  • nobugames


    I already searched this forum and quite a few people had a similar problem about 6 months ago. My case is a bit different though.

    I’m running the latest version of bbPress on the latest version of WordPress.

    The created forums are all open and public.

    When I as an admin user create new topics in any forum, I get the following result on any of these forum pages:

    > This forum contains X topics, and was last updated by Admin Y hour,
    > Z minutes ago.
    > Oh bother! No topics were found here!

    The topics list simply does not show up for me as a creator of these topics. When logged in as a subscriber, everything shows fine though.

    My list of plugins is:

    bbPress, Black Studio TinyMCE Widget, Manage Upload Types, Polylang, User Access Manager, WordPress HTTPS, wp-jquery-lightbox, wpsc Support Tickets, WP SlimStat

    The used theme is:

    EvoLve by Theme4Press

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  • nobugames


    For anybody who runs into a similar problem:

    I identified the problem to be the Polylang plugin which happens to be the currently only reasonably working multi-language plugin.

    The problem is that Polylang filters all created topics and replies based on the currently set user language.

    By default it does not assign a language ID at all, therefore new topics are not listed. Assigning the correct language from the topics administration fixes that problem but on a very busy website this is not a solution.

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