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topics not in forums

  • RitaNow


    My site is basically crashed. I can now see the wp-admin. I had all the plugins turned off. I turned the bbpress plugins back on.


    The site shows the forums but no topics in the forums. A forum will say there are XX topics and XX replies but the next line says “Oh bother! Not topics were found here!


    In wp-admin, I can see all the topics listed but the forum column shows (no forum). So to me, it appears there is a database problem. I’ve been talking with the hosting company, Blue Host, and they can’t do anything. I’ve tried restoring the database and repairing the database, but to no avail. In other suggestions?

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  • Robin W



    What caused the site to ‘crash’?



    I was working on optimizing the site using a tutorial from–wp-23846

    When I got to the part on using the plugin “WP-DBmanager”, I backed up the database. I then repaired it. When I did the optimize part, that’s when I got the 500 error. I called the hosting company and not sure what they did. Eventually, they did a database restore from a weekly file. The error logs from that restore showed lots of errors. When I finally got the site back, the final result was the topics were there with no forums.

    Robin W


    ow !

    Hopefully the company have restored the database to back beyond your attempts to optimise it?

    If so it should have no errors. So if it has, they probably need to go back to an older version if they have one – many hosters don’t.

    Is it just forums entries that are missing???

    if so you could try

    dashboard>tools>forums>repair forums

    and when you do get it going again, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t do stuff to a live site again.

    1. a few hours invested in a test site

    and you would not have lost your live site, and

    2. REGULARLY back your main site (the above tells you how) and you could have just restored that – hosting companies rarely keep much, and an issue found after a week can be fatal !

    Do come back for further help if needed.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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