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Topics list not showing

  • shubh2018


    When i create new topic it shows normally no issues!!
    But i had a huge data that needed to be imported on the same site. I used WP All Import Plugin for the import and I imported the data into topics… Actually I only require the topics section so there is forum I want to show… I managed the look. But after the import finished. I cant see the list of topics that meant to be seen on my homepage. Though I see the topics in the sidebar under related topics. I used shortcode [bbp-topic-index] to show the topic on my homepage.
    I can also see the topic in my wordpress topics section…
    So, I decided to take a look in my database. I saw that earlier when i created topics it was stored in wp_posts table but now after import all that new data is in wp_pmxi_ tables and topics were in wp_pmxi_topics table. I don’t know if that supposed to be but I cant solve this issue… I even imported data again in posts which then went to wp_posts table in database but ofcourse wordpress was taking that as posts not bbpress topics…
    Can please someone help me out?

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  • Robin W


    The wp_pmxi table is related to WP ALL Import

    Since this plugin is a paid plugin, you will need to contact their support for help.

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