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Topics Disappeared

  • ninjatekservices


    Hi everyone, I searched to see if anyone else had this problem and didn’t find anything that matched exactly, so if the topic DOES exist and I missed it, I do apologize.

    I have a site where I installed bbpress back in August of last year. Everything was working fine but the company was not utilizing the forums so they basically sat there un-noticed/unused.

    The company has now decided that they are going make a push to their employees to start using them. When I went to look at them today, I noticed that while all of the forums are still there, the topics are gone. At first, when I went into the Admin Dashboard, under the forums, there were counts listed under the “Topics” column but when I went to topics, nothing was there.

    I then went and reset the permalinks and still nothing. Ran the forum cleanup tool and then when I went back, the “Topics” column under forums shows all zeros.

    There was not a ton of content there and I can re-enter it all, but the concern I have is that of where did they go? I know the client will be asking this and then the obvious follow-up of “will this happen again?”

    Any help anyone can give me would be great. Naturally, I would prefer to recover the info if at all possible.

    Running the latest version of bbpress (2.3.1).



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  • John James Jacoby


    Sounds pretty strange. First things I’d do:

    • Check which accounts might have moderator/super admin access
    • Check trash/spam
    • Check access logs, see if someone removed them</lill of>

    All of bbPress’s trash/delete actions perform capability checks against the currently logged in user, so it’s impossible for an unauthorized user account to delete content inside of WordPress.

    It’s also possible someone deleted all of the forum content without your knowledge, using the “Reset Forum” tool under Admin > Tools > Forums > Reset Forum

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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