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  • jmodine


    This has been a difficult one for me. I have multiple forums on my site dealing in multiple categories.
    When I click any of the forums to view topics there are topics from other forums showing. example

    Forum A
    topic 1 (has)
    topic 2 (has)

    Forum B
    topic 1 (has)
    topic 2 (has)

    when clicked Forum B to view topics, forum A topics show up like so
    Topic 1 (from forum A)
    Topic 1 (from forum B) {organized according to freshness }
    Topic 2 (from forum A)
    Topic 2 (from forum B)

    What I want is when clicking forum A (or B) you see

    Topic 1 (from correct forum only)
    Topic 2 (from correct forum only)

    Now the topics being organized according to freshness I thought it was a freshness issue so I went changed some loops. I had no luck getting this not to happen. I have removed the freshness from every loop and every content then returned them to normal having no results.
    If this is related to freshness then I am having a problem getting bbpress to read the custom loop-“tag”.php I have them placed in childtheme>bbpress which is how I was told this worked from the duccumentation. You can see the specific problem on this page

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  • jmodine


    OK I found the problem. Sorry for bothering y’all. I was making the rule topics super sticky which made them show up every where.

    Robin W


    ok, glad you’re fixed, I was just absorbing your problem and trying to think what was causing it when I saw your later response 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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