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Topic template settings

  • bensainz


    I am having trouble getting the topic page template to default to the same page format as my forum page. I created a custom template “bbp-sidebars” that presents my forum page with a sidebar for forum page views and topic views. The forum picks up the custom template, but the topics page ignores it and defaults to the blog view template. So far I downloaded bbp Style Pack, bbp shortcodes, bbP Tookkit, Weaver for bbPress, and What the File to see if there was a setting to accomplish my goal. I also read multiple articles on custom templates, but none address the topic layout. Also, after a new topic or topic response is posted, I can manually go in and set the page settings to have it display the way I want. While my site is growing I can probably do this, but after a certain point it will be too hard to keep up.

    I am using WP 4.9.4, ForeFront theme Version 1.04 as a subtheme under GeneratePress V 2.02
    My Website is PW is “VetsHelpingVets”
    An example of my issue can be viewed here

    Also, please note I manually set the all other topic pages to display correctly. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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