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Topic / Reply Moderation Behavior

  • wpweaver


    This refers to bbPress 2.6.4.

    If a new user topic or reply fails bbPress moderation (either links or bad words), the end user gets no message at all. What they see is simply nothing – just the edit box again, with no indication that their post was marked as pending, and awaits moderation.

    So what happens? The user reposts the same message, over and over and over. I have examples of users reposting 10 times. They eventually may ask what is going on, or go away angry.

    This seems to be new behavior since 2.6, and depending on the forum admins, this behavior may seem to be mysterious. I’ve run a highly technical forum for years, and did not know about this changed behavior in 2.6 because users typically did not post with more than 2 links.

    Even now knowing that, the users are still left mystified. This is very poor user interface design, and the only reasonable solution now is to essentially eliminate any moderation at all.

    add_filter( 'bbp_bypass_check_for_moderation', '__return_true' );

    Much much better would be to let the user know what happened. I’ve read all the code for moderation, and can’t see any filters to override to add a message for the user.

    It would be wonderful to fix this issue, and issue a “Your topic/reply is awaiting moderation.”
    The moderators need to get a message as well.

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  • Robin W


    There si a hook that you could use eg for replies there is

    /** Additional Actions (Before Save) **************************************/
    	do_action( 'bbp_new_reply_pre_extras', $topic_id, $forum_id );
    	// Bail if errors
    	if ( bbp_has_errors() ) {

    in includes/replies/functions.php line 354 or thereabouts depending on version

    so you could have a hook to add action that checks if bbp_has_errors and if so mail the user before the function bails.



    No, that doesn’t work because marking a post or reply for moderation does not set the errors (blacklisting words does, for example). And those happen before the post is saved.

    If a user posts a topic or reply that is marked for moderation (Pending status), the post is actually created and saved, but there are two (uacceptable, in my opinion) behaviors when that happens.

    If a new topic post is marked for moderation, after submit, the new topic title is displayed, along with breadcrumbs. Then there is a message that you can’t reply to this topic. That is totally mysterious and confusing behavior. The you can’t reply message seems to be triggered because a the new topic content is not displayed at that point, and sort of makes sense, but it doesn’t tell the poster that the post was marked for moderation.

    When you do that with standard WP posts, the post will show to the poster, but with “Your post has been marked for moderation” or something like that. I believe the WP behavior is the same for marked for moderation comments.

    As far as creating a Pending reply, then nothing at all happens. The screen refreshes, and the user thinks their reply went to never never land.

    I don’t think that emailing the user that the post was marked pending for moderation is the least bit helpful. The user needs to know IMMEDIATELY in the actual interactive environment.

    Because the reply screen is immediately refreshed/redirected after the “Submit”, even trying to put up a JavaScript alert doesn’t work. And trying to generate an error message doesn’t show up after the redirect.

    It is possible to detect that the reply is pending after it has been saved, but I don’t see any way to pass that info along after the redirect.

    This seems like a huge design oversite, seriously. As I said, before I disabled moderation, my users were generating many many attempts to resubmit the post/reply. But I think the moderation checking functionality is a good idea, but leaving the user confused is not.



    I am also facing the same issue. Could someone tell the function to override this issue?

    Robin W


    bbPress – Moderation Tools

    shows pending to author and admins and sends emails to admins



    This issue has already been raised and flagged in the tracker. They are aware of it.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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