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Topic, page and reply link issue

  • baldwin


    Dear All,

    I am fresh to wordpress. I have install bbPress into my wordpress, and i face some serious issues.

    By default, after I comment on a topic, it should be refresh the page and show me my comment with “Awaiting Moderation”. However, it’s some time do not refresh and stay in same page, it will link me to the main topic pages.

    After I set the topic and reply under “Per Page” section to 1000 per page, this issue do not occur anymore. But problem is reader do not like so many topic or comment in 1 page. It’s seems that bbPress by default do not have a solution in the code to link correctly between the topic pages?

    For example, if I set under “Per Page” section, 10 post per reply. When this topic have more than 10 reply, the 11 reply will go to page 2, here the issue will start. anyone post after page 11 will be link to wired page/link or the page will display “Oh bother! No replies were found here!” or “page 404, not found”.

    Anyone have a solution on this? Any help is appreciate…


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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